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Phenomenal Women 2 the10th Power
Phenomenal Women Charm & Etiquette Training 





  "The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child;
it's whether we can afford not to ...Marian Wright Edelman"

Boys & Girls Ages: 5 to 19 


Could the young but realize how soon they will become mere walking bundles of habits, they would give more heed to their conduct.We are spinning our own fates, good or evil, and never to be undone..Young people should know this truth in advance. The ignorance of it has probably engendered more discouragement and faith-heartedness in youths embarking on arduous careers than all other courses put together.



Providing lessons in charm, etiquette, culture and grace to our young children, ages 5 - 19.  Being able to feel secure in all situations gives them the confidence to excel and succeed.  Confidence and a healthy self-esteem is an essential and integral part of their growth and development. 


We end each session with a Cotillion, Fashion Show and Rites-of-Passage Ceremony befitting Royalty.  Our Children blossom as they begin to embrace their abilities, self-worth, and beauty!  Knowledge is Power!  As a parent it is your responsibility to provide All of the necessary tools and techniques your child will need to flourish in this World!  An education is one of the best Gifts you can give your child!  Prepare them for their Future!








The Phenomenal Women Charm Training was exactly what was needed in our life to help further Alexis's life experiences and education. Not only did it reiterate some of the things that she had learned already but it also allowed her to be around people that looked like her and were achieving or going to achieve excellence in their lives. It is important in today's world to be able to function in all cultures and environment and yet be proud that you are black, beautiful and have knowledge. LET'S FACE IT KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and this experience allowed her to gain power by learning more about her own culture as well as the importance of being a gracious and giving person. The experiences at PWCS like visiting The Harlem Tea Room, meeting a professional football player, and being taught dance by someone whom had been affiliated with a major Harlem dance theatre are experiences she will never forget. I know none of us will forget the beautiful cotillion that highlighted all they learned at PWCS. Thanks Sabrina and all of the teachers and Volunteer for acknowledging my daughters hard work by making her the Queen Debutante of your first class. In addition thanks for all the Sundays that you gave up to give her this experience Both Alexis and her family are very grateful and will always remember the impact that the Charm TRAINING played in her life.


Dara Smith 
[Mother of Alexis Smith, 2007 Debutante Queen of the Cotillion]





The importance of learning proper etiquette in today's society is taught through media, social settings and peers or the like.  The thought of  learning proper family, moral and societal values seems to be a thing of the past.  As a parent, I seek settings that are on the same accord as my own beliefs and values in order to teach my daughter the values I think she should possess.  However, this can be a challenge.


As my daughter was approaching the tender age of 13, I started seeking out different atmospheres that would affirm the young lady she was becoming; embrace the values she was taught;  and address the challenges she had or will face in the future (i.e., peer pressure, sex, drugs, education etc.).  After researching and inquiring with many friends about charm schools and etiquette classes for young ladies, a friend referred me to the Phenomenal Women's Charm training.  I must say, I was impressed.  All the things I've been seeking and then some were discovered.  Their core values had met most of my criteria -- a new initiative, from an old adage and a necessary value for today.


I registered my daughter and granddaughter immediately, without hesitation, cleared my schedule and dedicated myself to fulfilling this reality.  The next four months were busy, but most informative, transforming and filled with invaluable lessons they will retain for life.  You will not be disappointed, but amazed at the transformation of your little girl into a young, poised, confident young lady.  This experience to say the least is Phenomenal!


Vivian Campbell-Mack

Parent/Grandparent of Erma Mack and Briana Smith - Jr. Debutante's - Participants in Rites-of-Passage.

Charm and Etiquette Training 


Providing extensive directives in CLASS, CULTURE,



Key Training Components


  Little Master of Manners and

  Little Miss Manners:  Ages 5-10 


  Here's Looking at You
  What your image really says about you - dressing for the "in" look.  Wardrobe basics and beyond (what do you wear underneath your clothes?)

·                         What every LADY/GENTLEMAN should have in their closet
Personal style-young adult style

·                         How do I tie a tie?  How do I shave?
Accessories that spell acceptance
School and casually smart dressing guidelines

First Impressions-Lasting Impressions
        Poise, polish, presence and posture

Sure Fire Confidence Builders
Don't "dumb down" to your friends

POSTURE & POISE - Projects Confidence:

·                         Graceful arm movements

·                         Gesturing

·                         Sitting

·                         Crossing your legs

·                         Standing

·                         Walking (in flats and in HEELS)
Descending a staircase and getting in/out cars
Posture is the foundation of a man's/woman's bearing. Opening doors.  Who does it?  Proper posture allows you to carry yourself flawlessly and effectively at every moment.

Beautiful On the Inside and Out:

Skin care, hair care, hand care, nutrition and exercise guidance. 

Proper Manners Begin at Home:

Common Courtesy tools for a LADY/GENTLEMAN:  Respect YOURSELF!  Hello, Thank You, Please, Pardon Me!  ESSENTIAL LESSONS!

Eat and Dine for Acceptance:

·                                                           Formal dining settings and dining skills

·                                                           Place settings

·                                                           Tea and buffet settings

·                                                           Responsibilities of the guest and the host

·                                                           Seating charts

·                                                           Ordering from the menu

·                                                           Difficult foods to eat

·                                                           Just how do you eat pizza & spaghetti?


Communication Skills

·      The art of introductions

·      Cell phone etiquette

·      Email and instant messaging etiquette

·      Your thirty-second introduction

·      Gift giving and receiving

·      Saying thank you with style

·      What your body language really says about you

·      Conversation mastery


Dance, Drama, Movement & Modeling Instruction


How to apply make-up "sparingly"!


Dating without getting BRUISED

·          Love yourself

Life skills coaching. really keeping it REAL!

·          REQUIRE the manner in which YOU NEED to BE TREATED

·          NEVER SETTLE    

·          GOD LOVES YOU

Career Boosters

·          Dressing for Success

·          Goal analysis and assistance

·          Making necessary choices for your LIFE!

Finance Managing:  Learn to LIVE DEBT FREE!


Armed with these winning strategies, graduates the will gain knowledge that will empower them to consistently present themselves at their personal best.


Cotillion/Fashion Show/Rites-of-Passage CEREMONY:   Parents, family and friends are invited to join us and behold the blooming of your beautiful flowers as they are presented to Society.  At this time we UPLIFT our SONS & DAUGHTERS as they receive their Rites-of-Passage.  We will honor our young black men & women as true princes and princesses with dignity, pride and honor!!!  



For more information please contact us at:


  • We are Centrally located in Harlem at
  • 449 West 125th Street, Between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Avenue
  • The National Black Theater - 2031 Fifth Avenue - Between 125th and 126th Streets  
  • Classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 2:00PM - 5:00PM 


Our mission is to instill the necessary LIFE SKILLS that are essential for OUR YOUNG BLACK and HISPANIC BEAUTIFUL PRINCESSES' GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT INTO WOMANHOOD and SOCIETY.  We will administer techniques to continuously build their confidence and self-esteem, as we provide instruction on respecting themselves, as well as, others.  We will do this by blending the standards of traditional etiquette, with exceptional manners, poise and grace, coupled with cultural awareness!   We know that peer pressure is real.  Therefore, we will nurture and guide them to understand and embrace these valuable life lessons!


Being Proud of who you are, and Where you came from is the first step to becoming Secure and confident young black and hispanic adults.  We nurture and guide them as they Blossom!


 The 1st and 3rd  Sunday of the month: 2:00 - 5:00PM


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